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Welcome to my passion for Archipiélago de Revillagigedo,

or more easily known as Socorro Islands,

a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an amazing place to dive. 

I welcome the opportunity to share my passion with you!

Nov Trip Cover Photo.jpg

       This trip is for November 1-10, 2023


aboard the Quino el Guardian liveaboard.

FIRST TRIPS to Socorro are typically EPIC!  We're one of the

1st boats to Revillagigedo after the 5-month rest period.

Dolphins, Mantas, Whale Sharks, More Sharks!

     WATCH this compilation video of my 1st Trips from 2020-2022




I can personally attest to the delicious food & the best Crew around.

The boat departs the Marina of San Jose, the quieter, smaller marina north of the touristy & busy Marina of Cabo San Lucas. 


See Itinerary & Park Rules & Fees: 

For more info about the Operator:

For more information about the Vessel:


 PRICE: $3000 per Diver  (+Nitrox if requested & Park Fees)


As part of a group deal, this price reflects $500 off the listed price of $3500


(Quad-shared cabins below deck with showers & toilets located on the dive deck.)


Revillagigedo National Park fees are additional and

subject to change at any time by the Mexican government.


   *This is a Liveaboard trip, we do not go onto the  islands*        


** Beer & wine are complimentary ~ not typical of Liveaboards! **

  Divers should be comfortable with possible strong currents, 50 dives minimum, AOW preferred

   For videos of my amazing adventures to Revillagigedo:

Watch this incredibly EPIC video by Michael Pizzi!



 Watch this great video of diving from the Quino:


TEXT or EMAIL to join this trip!

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