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Henna Artist St. Paul, Henna Artist Minneapolis


I was introduced to the world of Henna when I was in Sedona, Arizona

in 1999 & I fell in love immediately!  Soon, I was doing small art fairs around Minnesota & Wisconsin. 

Henna has become an integral part of my life and I really enjoy sharing the art of Henna most weekends in the summer and at  3 big state fairs in MN, WI & ND.  I do parties and events all year long.  I am truly grateful for being able to do what I love as a job. 

Thanks, Sedona!

The Henna Crew

Most of these photos were taken just after the Henna paste was applied to my customers.  Some people ask if the Henna stain will be black because it kinda looks dark in the pictures.

However, the actual stain of




but the reddish-brown color that only 100% Natural Henna imparts.

Please read more below about the dangers of anything called "Black Henna."

Along my Henna journey, I have had the pleasure of connecting with fellow Henna Artists who share my passion for making people beautiful with amazing body art.


Since Henna's poularity continues to grow, I really need help at my bigger events like the ND, WI & MN State Fairs.  I am ever so grateful that these talented Professional Henna Artists have come on board to join our Crew.

My Henna Story

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